About the Granny Attic Studio

The Granny Attic started out as my private home-recording facility, to find more time to work out basslines for my band S.O.T.E. (See links page), but soon I discovered I liked the practice of recording, so started branching out to other instruments and specificaly working with vocalists (it helps being married to one :-) )

Well, out goes the money to more and better equipment and room treatment, and lo and behold we end up with a real studio.

The studio is run as a hobby, so of course the work concentrates on music I have a a specific love for: Progressive rock in it's many forms (from retro to metal), and alternative jazz/world music, but anything is fair game, like the folk and other music that already passed the studio.

The studio is available for:
  • Recording
  • Coaching
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Me adding bass (fretted, fretless, Stick or double bass) to your recordings
Because The Granny Attic Studio is run as a hobby, you can expect something that is, in my humble opinion, sorely missing from most productions nowadays: Love for the music!

  • Recording not only means capturing the instrument(s) in a technically perfect way, but more importantly capturing the soul of it.
  • Coaching will mean getting the best out of you and your performance
  • Mixing means, lifting the total above the sum of it's components.
  • Mastering does not mean "1 setting will do the whole run" treatment.
    It is about making a balanced album, so all separate songs seem to belong to each other, and only when necessary sprinkeled with extra processing.