Granny Attic News

21-09-2015 Very long time no news

But that doesn't mean I've been idle :)
The New S.O.T.E. album is finally going to be released this month
Please find details of this here here
And the opening song of the album, called "Lucid dream" here

12-07-2014 Long time no news

But that doesn't mean I've been idle :)
The New S.O.T.E. album is as good as finished (more info later), and The Granny Attic studio computer has just had a serious upgrade :)
Please find details of this here here

09-08-2013 EP mastered for Man as Plague

I've mastered the new EP from Math/Djentcore band Man as Plague

Please find some samples here

26-05-2013 New Synth module

I've been able to score a Korg Triton-Rack module for some serious sounds >;-)

I've done a first mastering run of some serious hardcore stuff, more later For the rest I'm very busy mixing the 5th S.O.T.E. album. All recording is finally done :-)

06-01-2013 F.B.A.V. - 'Bring It Back' is finished

'Bring It Back' the new 8 song album of F.B.A.V. For Blood And Vengeance is finished
Please find the title song under the 'media' tab.

09-12-2012 Busy with Almere Hardcore

Almost finished the 8 song album of Almere hardcore band For Blood And Vengeance
Just some mix fine-tuning and mastering to do. I will post some more when available.

25-10-2012 Illumion album "The Waves" released

After much hard work "The Waves" by Illumion is released :-)
Available as a Gatefold sleeved HQ vinyl 11 song double album.
It comes complete with a 9 song CD :-).

Find a soundclip of 1 of the songs under the "media" tab.
More info on the Illumion website

08-09-2012 Update on Illumion album

Long time of silence again, and again only because I've been very busy :-)
Illumion's new album "The Waves" is nearly finished. Just some double mastering to do.
Double???? Yes, double, as the album will be released as a double pack consisting of CD and HQ Vinyl!!!
:-) I'm stoked :-).

Find the album artwork on the "projects" tab.

26-02-2012 Update on S.O.T.E. & Illumion albums

Long time of silence, but only because I've been very busy :-)
Plenty of orchestral recordings have taken place for the upcoming S.O.T.E. album Chosen.
Also I just finished the first set of mixes for the upcoming Illumion album The Waves for the band
to give their 'critique'. I'll try not to take so long in posting samples here :-).

Gearlust struck yet again, so I've added 1 Behritone C50S to the monitoring options. This facilitates
checking for mono & LoFi (NoFi?) compatibility :-)

15-05-2011 Pictures added

For S.O.T.E. we did an 'on location' recording of orchestral percussion for the upcoming album Chosen,
furthermore the recording of that album as well as the new album for Illumion is really taking shape.
Find some new pictures of these sessions under the Media tab

Gearlust struck again, so I've been able to add a Moog Taurus III to my instruments :-)

20-02-2011 Deathcore's Shackles EP added

I mastered a 4 song EP for Dutch Deathgrinding Mathcore band Deathcore
Find their EP Shackles under the Projects tab.
Under the media tab you will find a soundclipping of 1 of the 4 songs

02-01-2011 Drum recording set-ups added

Under the media tab you will find the drum recording set-ups of both Menno de Vries and Tom Rutgers
The page needs some cleaning up though 0:-)

05-12-2010 Third day of guitar recordings for second Illumion album

Eveline's third day for guitar tracks, for the same amount of songs. Seven more to come :-)
Find some pictures added to the Media page :-)

19-11-2010 Finished recording drums for second Illumion album + video of Ulysses project

Tom spent 3 weekends at "The Toolshed" recording 10 songs for the upcoming Illumion album.
Find some pictures on the Media page :-)
Also a very special Ulysses song is finished: Drums, vocals, bass and most guitars have been recorded
here, the remaining guitars at Sylvesters place and keys have been e-mailed in.
I mixed the song and sent it to Knight Area studios for mastering. Find details of this special project (and a video of the recording here) on